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#TemptingTuesdayTreat - Aztec Hot Chocolate

It is well known that the Aztecs used chile and chocolate together to create a fiery drink that increased overall vitality and libido - in fact, it is legend that Montezuma drank the chocolate beverage before "going to bed" for an energy boost! This drink combines these delicious spices and the sinful indulgence of chocolate to make you feel AMAZING!

Ritual: It is best to drink this 30-60 minutes BEFORE your desired activity. Drink slowly - enjoy for 10-15 min. Don't shot this!

"Naughty or Nice" Aztec Hot Chocolate - Serves 4

You will need:

1/4 cup organic cacao powder (cocoa powder works as well - the darker the better!)

1 tablespoon honey

2 cups full-fat coconut milk, canned
 OR whole milk
6 cinnamon sticks OR 6 teaspoons organic ground cinnamon

3 teaspoon cayenne pepper (go 2 tsp for less heat, 4-5 teaspoons for highest heat)

8 ounces bittersweet chocolate (or 8 ounces dark chocolate for more sweetness)

Cacao nibs, chile powder, cinnamon stick for garnish


In medium saucepan, stir cocoa with honey. Stir in milk, 2 cinnamon sticks (or 2 teaspoons cinnamon), cayenne, and chocolate. Heat over medium heat until, stirring constantly, until chocolate is melted
and mixture is hot. Gently whisk to completely homogenize mixture. Simmer over low heat, whisking occasionally, until fragrant, about 10 minutes. If using sticks, carefully drain and discard them.
Return to saucepan. Using a hand blender, a milk frother, or a whisk, beat the chocolate mixture until foamy, then divide into four glasses. Garnish with chile powder, cacao nib (or chocolate shavings), and
a cinnamon stick. Serve immediately.