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5 Things That Happen When You Take Pole Fitness Classes

Taking a pole fitness class for the first time is definitely an unique experience. You're not sure what to expect, you're learning a brand new routine, and you're probably finding yourself calling back on any past experience with physical fitness - gymnastics, yoga, strength training - to get yourself up, down, and around the pole. Afterwards, you're sore, tired... and hooked! Bring on the challenges!!

With every class, you'll find yourself becoming stronger, overcoming obstacles you never thought you'd achieve. Sure, pole fitness classes are fun, but did you know...?

Pole Fitness...

1) Transforms You... You Feel Beautiful & Sexy
When you're taking time for yourself, you're giving yourself a chance to relax. Add in some powerful movements and physical challenges and you have endorphins flowing through your body that make you feel like Superwoman! Throw in your favorite sexy song, and you feel like a gorgeous siren during that entire 90 minute workout!

2) Strengthens You... Give You Power & Grace
There is no other workout that gives you those lovely muscle lines, the crazy strength of a bodybuilder and the look of a dancer quite like a pole fitness workout can. When you can lift your own body weight in so many different angles - and making it look like you can gracefully defy gravity - it's nothing sort of AMAZING! Not to mention, everyday functionality gets easier and easier as you get stronger. A total win-win!!

3) Reminds You... Feel Like A Kid Again
Remember the days on the playground where you would swing, climb, and feel you could fly? Pole fitness brings you back to those days. Carefree, fearless, strong... who doesn't want to feel that way all the time?? It makes me smile to see social media posts where a mom who comes to Flirt Fitness is posting a picture of her on the monkey bars upside down with her kid rather than sitting on the bench. Life is meant to be LIVED and ENJOYED! Pole fitness classes remind us that it's okay to put obligations away for a while and just enjoy being in the moment.

4) Encourages You... Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone
Sometimes, we just need that support and encouragement to REACH beyond what we think we're capable of doing. Pole fitness allows us to do just that! I'm sure there have been times where you watched a routine or a trick and think, "NO WAY could my body possibly do that!" But, lo and behold a few weeks later... you NAIL IT! Suddenly, you find yourself walking a little taller, feeling a little more confident, and super proud of yourself - and you should!! Be sure to talk to your instructors - they've been there, done that, and know EXACTLY how you've felt. It helps you grow! <3

5) Surprises You... Learn More About Yourself
Maybe you never knew a certain song could ignite such a fire within you! Perhaps you never thought you'd walk around a fitness studio with just a sports bra and booty shorts. Maybe you never thought you could accomplish so many of the routines and tricks you've dominated over the last few months and you feel like you're on top of the world! Name your surprise - I'm sure there will be more than one that you will learn about yourself even after a few pole fitness classes. It's exciting!!

Pole fitness isn't about looking cute in the perfect body on a pole, it's not about harsh, punishing workouts, it's not about judging, and it's not about "being the best." Pole fitness is about building a community of strong women who care about one another, who support and motivate each other, and have fun along the way. If you or someone you know has ever wanted to try a pole fitness class, but feel a little nervous or intimidated, I want to encourage you to read this blog post over once more, and see if it brings a smile to your face. Trust me, these experiences aren't "just a class," but a chance to really see another amazing side to yourself - one you definitely won't want to miss.