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3 Tips For A Stronger Pole Practice

Pick a time in your pole journey where you felt your strongest - was it where you learned a certain spin and you immediately just "got it"? Was it when you inverted without assistance for the first time? Or when you realized your upper body was stronger than it was during last week's class?

Whether you find yourself struggling through class every week, or dominating every trick, we've got your three best top tips to develop a stronger, more effective pole practice every week!

Tip #1: DO NOT overtrain
It is so easy to get excited (or frustrated) over a trick or combo and then decide that the best idea is to work your @$$ off the rest of the week figuring it out or perfecting it. DON'T DO IT! Your body works hard during your 90 minute class and needs a full 24-48 hours to recover, depending on how hard you worked and how sore you feel the next day. At a maximum, practice your hardest pole tricks 2-3 times a week (or 3-4 hours a week). That's really all you need at maximum! Seriously! Your muscles and strength will eventually get that trick or combo - just don't over-rush the process. It will only lead to injury!

Tip #2: Consider your nutrition
We know that the more healthy foods we eat, the better our practice will be. However, we don't always make good nutrition a priority in our pole practice. Write in a food journal this week and record everything you eat and drink. Remember to write how you felt that day. Some people credit their love for fruits & veggies for good energy, while some swear by a post-class chocolate milk to recover faster. Find what makes you feel the most invigorated and stick with it!

Tip #3: Make sleep a priority
I know saying "sleep!" isn't some brand new tip to share, but it is one of the most vital for a better pole practice. When we stay up too late or don't get good sleep for 7-9 hours each night, we can get sloppy and injured more easily. Not only that, but our muscles won't feel up to par as well, making tricks harder to master. Try going to bed 15-20 minutes earlier each night for the next 2 weeks, and you'll find a dramatic difference in how strong you feel when you're in class!

Your pole practice never has to be "perfect" - on the contrary, we are ALWAYS learning and will ALWAYS have good and bad days. Don't ever let a bad day/week/month discourage you! Find support in your Flirt sisters, try these tips, and keep your head high with positivity and confidence, and you'll bring your mental and physical pole experience to a whole new level!