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Grand Rapids Location (GR):
5366 Plainfield Ave NE Suite J
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
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2237 84th St. Suite 103
Byron Center, MI 49315
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5312 Grand Haven Rd
Norton Shores, MI 49441
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Super Stoked!!

House lights rise, dozens of people enter. People mingle, eat tasty snacks. An announcement is made. People file into seats and direct their attention to the front of the building. Two silver poles glimmer in the darkness. Music sounds, a lady emerges from the shrouded corner. She sways with the music approaching the poles. For the next three minutes her heart, soul and dedication are on display. The crowd erupts into cheers and praise. Grinning from ear to ear, she exits. Lights dim.   

If you couldn’t tell 1. I have a vivid imagination and 2. I am super excited for this year’s spring showcase! There is something magical when the individual love that we have for our Flirt sisters is congealed in a large area, with people who share our pole frenzy.  Brave and talented ladies take to the stage and show off their mad skills.  The audience goes wild with every pirouette, climb and twerk. The screams, the tricks, the comradery and of course pole; the passion that unites us all.  

We are all aware of how fabulous Flirt students and instructors are: but we rarely get the time to mingle.  During class, we are all feverously learning new skills. Sure, we laugh, joke and show love; but our focus is on learning. During the dancing, we focus more on our bodies than that of those around us. That IS the main purpose of our pole journey.   It’s gratifying to be able to witness what ladies in higher levels, with different strengths, or different tastes can create.  Seeing what combos can be concocted. What all of our sweat, tears and grip…so much grip can create.

 At showcase, we can uninhibitedly watch as our fellow lovies perform.  We get to see what people really can do. Showcase is the culmination of what Flirt Fitness is all about. Strength, courage, and supporting each other.

Showcase broadens our horizons and allows us to swoon over the amazing feats. Watching wide eyed. Taking mental notes of moves or how a trick we have been struggling with is executed. Or my personal favorite “Great Snot Batman! How did she DO THAT???”

For a large majority of us, we are dutifully bound to our “home” studio, but there are many super-great-wonderful lovelies at BOTH studios. Showcase allows us to meet other instructors, see different styles and meet fantabalous ladies who all share in our passion.  While every showcase is AHHHMAZING This years is something even more special! It is in a new larger venue. Stage poles are being replaced by 12ft poles. ANYONE can attend, bring a friend who has been snarky about your fitness regimen. As a special bonus there is a dance party after!!

Forget anything else you had planned. May 6th be at DeVos performance hall. Tickets are available now at both studios.

DO IT! You will not be sorry, you will be mesmerized, rejuvenated and satisfied.   


Thank you!
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