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Trying to Figure it out.

First, I would like to apologize to anyone who reads these silly little blurbs about how pole is the best and honestly everyone should give it a .  I have been silent the past few weeks. I have sincerely felt as if my soul was being forcibly removed from my body; due to a few personal happenings. I have been struggling carrying on with my daily duties and just couldn’t force myself to write anything that seemed even moderately inspiring.  It also probably didn’t help that I lost my thumb-drive with several unpublished entries.  Second, I would like to apologize for the sheer randomness that this short, albeit powerful blog, as I it has been a challenge to stay on task.

Random bit one. Showcase was ahhhmazing! The variety of acts, the swanky venue. It was sensational.  The bravery of the ladies, the flawless execution. Sure, there were a few bumps, but that’s how we can appreciate the effort that goes into organizing such an event!  I for one had mixed emotions, and I hope I am not alone in this opinion. If I am then I owe a third apology. Watching the performances creates mixed emotions within my scattered brain. I was impressed with the tenacity and gull those ladies had in performing. Creating a routine, never ending practice and then the bravery to step on a stage and perform in front of a couple hundred people. Seriously, cue anxiety. Second, it makes me feel like my progress isn’t enough. I watch trick after trick and think “self, you’re never going to be able to do that” and then myself agrees.  Then I think back to where I was when I started. The naïve girl who thought that pole fitness couldn’t be that hard. Then quickly became the  girl who struggled to do ANYTHING.  Sure, I cannot currently do all the things “those girls” can, but someday I might… The motto “What you struggled with today, will one day be your warm-up” comes to mind and gives me a resolve to keep trying and not let myself and my fears direct my progress. Sometimes we just have to go for it, or let go and fly.

Random bit two: Some people are just anti-pole. I have people in my life who despite my most earnest effort seem to be stuck on the negative stigma with pole fitness. They never see it as fitness. It is just a girl wearing skimpy clothing swirling around a pole obviously for entertainment. This ridiculous opinion is not limited to men!  I for one, am not always on my best behavior when combating the negative stereotypes. Sometimes, it’s just easier not to say anything at all. Just walk away.  This interesting tidbit has been more applicable to non-pole struggles. Sometimes we just need to keep our whit's about us and WALK AWAY from the negatives to focus on us.

Random bit three.  Trying to balance a job, significant otter, children, house, family and life is hard. We as women are expected to be so many things and wear so many hats, it’s exhausting. Add one tiny bump in the road, and things can fall apart FAST. Running ragged, we trudge through. Trying to carve out time for you is essential for your mental wellbeing. Ladies, I beg of you don’t become buried in life. Grab a shovel and dig yourself a breathing hole and make a plan.  Sure, we will all need to miss a class here or there, but don’t give up. Your flirt sisters will always be there for you. Hell, they will likely bring a shovel and a snack to help you out, literally out. Out of your head, out of your funk, out of the negatives bringing you down.  If you miss a class, the front desk ladies are more than happy to schedule your make-up. You’ve earned that 90 minutes and self-care has been associated with positive outcomes since the coining of the term.

Random bit four.  Inspiration can be found everywhere, unfortunately so can negatives. Always look for the beauty in things, especially when things look bleak. Notice the birds signing as if they are summoning the sun to rise, the baby bunny that is hiding in the weeds. The flower growing out of a crack. Focusing purely on the negative will cause you to stay there. Most importantly, notice the beauty in yourself. You are worth something, a lot as a matter of fact. You are flawless and special and never let anyone else, or any circumstance make you think otherwise.