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Save YOUR life

Those of us who are part of the Flirt family are well aware of the attributes of pole fitness. We are blessed to experience the laughs, sorrow, pains and have an in depth understanding on what it means to have a pole sister; all while working on improving our mental and physical bodies. We know about the short term effects of exercising. What about the long term effects? That latter part really got me thinking about what health benefits come with [pole] fitness.

Join me and my research (lots of googling including narwhal whales) and continue reading to learn why pole fitness can save your life.

1. Grip Strength. Researchers at Boston Medical Center in Massachusetts have recently concluded that a stronger hand strength (grip) is associated with both a decreased chance of developing Alzheimer’s and having a stoke.  Individuals with a larger grip strength tend to have a larger cerebral brain volume and perform better on cognitive tasks.  What does this mean for us? Simple. Brainy Doctors in Massachusetts have proven a link between grip strength, which we polers all have in spades (if we didn’t we’d be seriously injured), with larger brains, better cognitive reasoning and a decreased change of developing dementia and having a stroke.

2. Exercise. Researchers at Harvard have discovered a connection with those who exercise regularly (using a combination of aerobic and strength training) are less likely to develop a cognitive impairment later in life.  Exercise has also been proven too reduce stress and improve cognitive functioning. The increased blood flow will provide our brains with extra oxygen, causing neurons to grow, more neurons and increased capacity for reasoning and processing.  What does this mean for us? Regular exercise has the ability to improved brain function and legitimately increase the neural networks of our brains.  Thus literally making us smarter.

3. Increased neurotransmitters: Exercising causes our brain to release serotonin, noradrenaline, and dopamine.  These are the same neurotransmitters that are simulated in anti-depressants.  What does this mean for us? Pole Fitness is basically a happy pill.

4. Dance:  Researchers University of California Berkeley found that dancing can help reduce the onset of Parkinson’s. It can also help to reduce the reduce muscular-skeletal rigidity, slow movement and balance associated with several disorders.  Dance can also be associated with decreased reaction time, increased cognitive and fine motor performance. What does this mean for us? Dancing keeps you flowy and bendy, while making us react more quickly and helps us tune our motor-skills.

5.Dance part II: UCB also found that dancing improved individuals blood vessel functioning.  What does this mean for us? Dancing can strengthen you heart.  

It’s important to mention that all of these long term health benefits are for general exercise and have been extrapolated for pole fitness.  Flirt Fitness was designed to empower women. The atmosphere calms your soul, the classes improve your body and mind, and the sisterhood creates intense friendships. As it turns out, these things are not only immediate. They will transcend and keep making you the best version of you throughout your entire life.