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Build your Mindset

Lately I have been struggling. I am at the point where I feel like I should just stop coming to pole. Be done. Give up on it. Watching others flawlessly execute trick after trick, while I struggle to do even the simplest of movement.  Berating myself because I cannot a trick this week that gave me no problems last week. My mind is set on failure! Am I good enough? Fit enough? Strong enough?  My anger and exhaustion begin to build nearing eruption. I am defeated!

I hardly believe I am alone in this place, it’s dark, cruel and awfully isolating.  We may believe our bodies are not capable. That’s the entire purpose of the class-level system, we are not allowed to progress until our bodies are ready. We wouldn’t be in our level unless our instructors seeing the strength and conditioning in us, even if we dismiss it. 

I need mental conditioning. My mind needs an overhaul. My mental stamina is failing and it is causing a chain reaction; weakening my body, and my will to continue. I know the joys that being part of Flirt Fitness brings, now if only I could convince my brain to accept what others see in my, my potential.

Going over more research, mental stamina is what Psychologists at UCLA have determined what separated average athletes from the elites. The five characteristics of an elites’ mind are as follows:

1. Thinking Positively: confidence. Engage in positive self-talk as opposed to the negative “I cannot do this,” which is a slippery slope into oblivion.
Use Visualization: build your mental strength, prepare yourself, envision you mastering smaller semblances of tricks until you can connect every aspect of the task at hand.  Visualize past accomplishments to combat the negative thoughts,

2. Plan for setbacks: our bodies can only be push so much. Sometimes we just cannot give more. This is where you can give up, or prepare and step up. You can do this!  Redirect your focus and keep on trying.

3.Manage Stress: There is a fine-line between stress being an attribute and a detriment. Too much can hinder, just the right amount can pump your body (and mind) up and push you harder.  You cannot control stress, but you CAN control how you perceive stress. Use meditation, or even visualization when the stress levels go nuclear. Learn to redirect the bad stress in a good way, or take a break, just don’t give up.

4.Sleep More: Your body requires time to rejuvenate and repair. Most of these repairs happen while we slumber.  Sleeping helps to clear the mind, improve reaction time and allows us to think more analytically and to perceive more.

Make your brain and body work for you. Be intentional, do not let the negatives of today hinder you in the long run. Just like Rome, mental stamina is not built in a day. It takes intentional thought and practicing. ANYONE can improve their mental stamina; all you need to do is start. Today is as good as any, to become the best version of you. One who loves themself and doesn’t sabotage their progress.