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Need Additonal Support.

Lately, the blog posts have been about ways to adjust your existence and how that can carry over to your pole life.  As adults, we all get into slumps and struggle. We jam pack so much into summer, only to have it fly by and before we know it, it’s dark at 9 o’clock and we are desperately trying to jam EVEN more into our busy schedules. Quickly sneaking up from the darkness; school, and it’s coming in like a freight train. That means shopping, going through closets and making lists of what else we need to ensure our offspring is prepared for the newest academic adventure.  

What about us? What can we do for ourselves? We all too often get placed on the backburner, and stress grows. Whoever decided what adulting entails, was a cruel person. All work and no play ages us, our sleep suffers, our anxiety and sense of duty creep to unhealthy levels.

With everything that is happening, we need support more than ever. All too often, we attempt to tackle all of our duties alone. Deeping our resentment and isolation. That is absolutely unacceptable! We NEED support, guidance and something to get our frustrations out; in a healthy way. It’s too easy to let ourselves slip, only worsening our dwindling resolve.

I am going to challenge everyone to take some time for themselves. Do what YOU enjoy, as we deserve the peace and solace.  Do what empowers you, take time to see the beauty within yourself and all of the beauty in the world. Take a walk, join a book club.  Don’t forget to take time to breath, eat, drink plenty of water and SLEEP!!

Life is a delicate balance of duty and fun. We are not meant to be forced into all work and no play. Doing so causes discouragement, which only worsens our mental stability. Having a comrade at our side, helping to redirect the assault of life’s duties has been shown to have so many benefits.

As a friendly reminder, Flirt’s next session starts on August 20th, we are fully operational in all THREE studios. A few changes have been made, along with the addition of NEW specialty classes.  If you’re looking for your safe getaway. Why not use Flirt Fitness and our sister bonds to help get through all of the added stress of adulting? Many studies have shown that physical activities help reduce both mental and physical stress. You can ask ANY Flirt student what keeps them coming back, and they ALL will answer similarly “It’s the bonding and friendships of my pole sisters.” Sometimes, you need someone else to support you, so you can accomplish something beautiful.

Ending empowerment: I know not, what the future holds.  I believe with every fiber of my being that together we can withstand any storm that decides to set itself upon us.