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Grand Rapids Location (GR):
5366 Plainfield Ave NE Suite J
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
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Byron Center Location (BC):

2237 84th St. Suite 103
Byron Center, MI 49315
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Muskegon Location (MK):
5312 Grand Haven Rd
Norton Shores, MI 49441
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Sunday-Thursday - 5:45pm-9:45pm
Saturday - 10:30am-1:00pm

Why Flirt Fitness?


The Flirt Fitness Team

Our Atmosphere

Our studio caters to a woman’s need to be just that…a woman. We work out by candlelight to provide ambiance, comfort, security and privacy! Our studio is not only a place to work out, but a “safe haven” to sit and enjoy the company of your instructor and class sisters.  Our focus is to have every woman that walks through our door feel like they are a part of a secure family that loves them just the way they are.

Our Experience

Our instructors are PFA Certified Pole Fitness instructors. Each instructor must go through a 16-week comprehensive training and apprenticeship program, as well as complete on-going training as an instructor. Along with being experienced instructors, they know exactly what will work best for your body, mind and spirit, while keeping safety a priority.

Affordable Sessions

At Flirt, we have priced each session to be an extremely affordable option to meet your fitness and budget goals.  All of our sessions are 8 weeks long, and each of our classes run a full 90 minutes.  Each 8-week session runs $225.

Class Size

We limit ALL our classes to a maximum of 10 women. Your class sisters and instructor will be your Flirt Family. Your instructor is there to ensure safety and proper technique. There are a different number of poles in each studio, so you either have your own pole or will share with a class sister.

Session and Class Length

We strongly believe that 8-week sessions are the right length of time for you to correctly and safely advance to the next level. In each level, 20 or more pole tricks are taught along with a routine and several transitional moves. In addition to learning pole tricks, you will also learn to DANCE!

Within each 90 minute class, you will go through a full body warm-up and workout as we condition your body and your self-confidence for pole work. You also need the full 90 minutes of “me time” to unwind and let go of your stress!

No “Drop-In” Policy

Each of our signature pole classes is progressive upon the last. We don’t offer just “beginner”, “intermediate”, and "advanced" classes. We have 10 levels of progression, with 8 classes in each level. We have designed the classes so that you learn proper technique while building muscle that will help you advance through the increasingly difficult progression. 

We believe in community!  We want every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin and to love her body just as it is.  Because we are a community, we want to provide an atmoshphere for each woman to grow confident in herself and her body.

Who We Teach

We do not teach women who use, (or intend to use) what they learn in the adult industry. These classes are for regular women, of all sizes, shapes, ages and backgrounds. We teach women who are interested in fitness, family and community.


We encourage relationships between you, your instructor and your class sisters.  We help you lift each other up! Each class ends with a positive cheer to get you through your week feeling strong and sexy. Flirt instructors will always give you her personal contact information.


We want, expect and provide privacy.  We are a community of sisters.  This means men are not allowed.  We have window coverings on the front of each studio.  Our rooms are dark and candlelit for comfort, and we always have someone working at the front desk to ensure that non-students are not allowed wander in and/or watch. 

There Is No Negativity

We expect everyone to sign a contract agreeing to support your class sisters and Flirt Family as you want them to support you. We do not share other women’s experiences outside of class. We keep the classes small so we can be a cohesive group. This is not the place to come, workout and go home. We build relationships as well as healthy, strong bodies.

The studio is more than a place to exercise. It’s a clubhouse. It’s a safe-haven; a place to relax and rejuvenate yourself. It’s a meeting place. It’s a place to let go. It's a family and sisterhood.  And, while you are enjoying all that, you get a wonderful workout experience that leaves you feeling confident and sexy throughout your week!